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Think outside

the block.

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Hylé makes verifying zero-knowledge proofs easy and cheap.

Satoshi, bound by the limitations of the time, put security over efficiency.

Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), once a distant dream, now allow for scalable trustlessness without compromise. But we’re not done with streamlining crypto yet.

Hylé verifies your proofs natively. We do one thing, and we do it well: enjoy cheaper, faster, and smoother finality.

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text "zk is a bullet train without a track"text "zk is a bullet train without a track"

Tomorrow begins today

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We must do better.

Hylé drastically reduces verification costs by treating ZKPs as first-class citizens.

Enjoy the unbeatable combination of onchain security and offchain performance.

Web3 sucks.

We are drowning in terrible UX, or slow finality, or high fees.
Bridges are painful.
Hacks are commonplace.
Onchain storage is unsustainable.

Hylé builds trust infrastructure.

  • Native zk-proof verification on our sovereign verification-focused Layer 1.
  • Leverage the power of zero-knowledge proofs for maximum trustlessness and privacy.
  • Run complex logic in your smart contracts thanks to off-chain execution.
  • Lower your storage costs with efficient and trustless storage proofs.
  • Enjoy better readability with our native on-chain Name System.
  • Freely create transactions composing private and public inputs.


Hylé separates execution, settlement and storage to give you maximal flexibility.
Execute your smart contracts off-chain anywhere you like, on a rollup, on-premise or even client-side.
Store your data securely in your backend, IPFS, Arweave or any other long-term solution.
Hylé provides the verifiable source of truth for your end user.

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With Hylé, build permissionless zkApps and decide if you make your data public or if you keep it private.

Hylé verifies all zero-knowledge proofs: choose your proving scheme, your language, your prover, and get instant finality and enhanced security.

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Hylé comes with identity abstraction, making it easy and seamless to manage all account types: EOA, smart wallets, and more.
Our native Name System is much more human-friendly than the usual raw hexadecimal addresses. Hylé addresses can be made of multiple parts, enabling bridgeless cross-chain composability down the line.

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